Fascinating Photo Pictorial Of Early Silicon Valley

This is a pretty amazing piece of photography previously not seen.  As someone who grew up with technology, and lived in the Silicon Valley for several years in the early nineties, this really brings back some memories for me.

These photographs are from Doug Menuez’s new book Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000, from Atria Books, an eyewitness record of the brilliant engineers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who built our world. To buy the book or learn more, visit www.fearlessgenius.org.


I think my favorite photo of the the whole lot is the photo of Steve Bulmer colorfully discussing some issue at hand with programmers in the hallway of Microsoft's campus.

Fearless Genius - Doug Menuez

Fearless Genius - Doug Menuez


Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s senior vice president of systems software (right), engages with a group of programmers at company headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Ballmer is known for his explosive and quirky personality, and his tendency to shout (sounds like someone I know). He could be wickedly fun, or downright terrifying, especially to Microsoft’s competitors. He rose to become CEO in 2000 and recently announced he was stepping down.