Behind The Scenes: ClickFunnels - 24 Hour Sales Funnel Hackathon

If you wanted to see what it looks like behind the scenes of all those products that you see online, this is the video for you. Go behind the scenes of multi-million dollar performance marketing agency, ClickFunnels. Filming an episode for hackathon TV. Intense time building funnels and recording an info product with two supplement funnels. Working with a lot of amazing people with diverse talents and skills. This is a day of intense fun, accelerated work, kickass creativity and high octane awesomeness within a 24-hour period, Jack Bauer style.

Killer Drone Video Of San Diego

I lived in San Diego for almost 9 years. It's an amazing place, and this drone video captures it perfectly. Very well done. 

FlyBy San Diego

This is an epic aerial tour of the beautiful city of San Diego, California. This documentary includes most of San Diego's famous landmarks, that are visually appealing, from a birds eye perspective.#FlyBySD***WATCH IN HD******SHARE, SHARE, SHARE******LIKE OUR PAGE Hollywood Universal***Directed & Edited By:Jeffrey "Mugsy Mahonney" VillegasEquipment Used:DJI Phantom 3Final Cut Pro X***Visit for any of your aerial photography/videography needs or contact us directly at (619) 818-6619

Posted by Mugsy Mahonney on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fantastic Interview With Gabe Leydon from Machine Zone

If you don't know his name, you definitely know his products. Gabe Leydon is the owner and leader of Machine Zone, most known for Game of War. With over 100 million dollars in ad spend over a two year period, Gabe is one of, if not the largest buyer of digital and broadcast media in the world right now. This very impressive interview blows the roof off of the media buying space right in front of a room full of media sellers and buyers. Fantastic. 

Fascinating Photo Pictorial Of Early Silicon Valley

This is a pretty amazing piece of photography previously not seen.  As someone who grew up with technology, and lived in the Silicon Valley for several years in the early nineties, this really brings back some memories for me.

These photographs are from Doug Menuez’s new book Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000, from Atria Books, an eyewitness record of the brilliant engineers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who built our world. To buy the book or learn more, visit

I think my favorite photo of the the whole lot is the photo of Steve Bulmer colorfully discussing some issue at hand with programmers in the hallway of Microsoft's campus.

Fearless Genius - Doug Menuez

Fearless Genius - Doug Menuez


Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s senior vice president of systems software (right), engages with a group of programmers at company headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Ballmer is known for his explosive and quirky personality, and his tendency to shout (sounds like someone I know). He could be wickedly fun, or downright terrifying, especially to Microsoft’s competitors. He rose to become CEO in 2000 and recently announced he was stepping down.


Epic Drone Surf Footage

Pretty amazing drone surf video here.  The cure for stress and multitasking minds.

Some random moments from 2014, it certainly was a busy and fun year, i travel with my pet drone everywhere i go and im excited to start 2015 as a licensed drone operator, its going to be a freaky industry to work in. Thanks to all the crew and talent that take me on these amazing adventures. Music Alt j, fitzpleasue Website: Email: Talent. Mick Fanning Shaun wallbank Ian alldredge Mikey brennan Justin allport Dave kalama Noa G Connor Coffin Matt Wilko

Fellow Surfers Watch This! Legendary surfer Shoots the Pier in Malibu

This week California experienced some giant surf.  The biggest in 26 years here in California. In this video, surf legend Laird Hamilton shoots the Malibu Pier. 

Hurricane Marrie's first signs of life came Wednesday August 26th to the Malibu pier near Los Angeles, California. Laird Hamilton was ripping it all up all afternoon and evening, shooting the pier at least two times including once with another surfer. Some of the most epic SUP surfing seen in Malibu ever.

Shooting the pier is incredibly hard even under normal surf conditions, but doing it with the giant surf that Malibu has experienced over the last few days is just nothing short of phenomenal.  Enjoy!