Eric Helsel

Internet Marketing Executive


I originally hailed from Central Pennsylvania, and had a very modest upbringing. Throughout high school, I studied Business Administration. At age 17 I enlisted in the United States Air Force in pursuit of a college degree. Throughout my 5 year enlistment I attended college and traveled the world serving my country. I am a decorated Gulf War era veteran, and served during police actions in Panama and Operation Desert Storm.

I cut my teeth in the business world by investing my time in product distribution, branding, marketing, and retail with Red Bull, Snapple, Coors Brewing Company, Kenneth Cole, and the NFL. 

After, I entered the world of Internet entrepreneurship, and have worked diligently at monetizing and driving revenue streams for the companies that I have been involved with, clients and employers alike. 

Most recently, I directed and functioned as the Chief Marketing Officer for a well funded cryptocurrency startup, where we generated over 30 million dollars in crowd sale project raise. 

Prior to that, I was Vice President for a household name client, managing multiple businesses in several verticals at an aggressive, well established web development company. I directed and oversaw product development, business development, client management, customer acquisition, media buying, and product design. This included conceptualization, interface designs, usability engineering, and the management of the product creation by visual arts and technology design teams.  I was responsible for building scalable revenue streams via top level, high visibility products. Over the course of 9 years, our product lines generated over 100 million dollars.


  • I am a high energy, results driven leader of product innovation.

  • I execute the business development strategies and develop revenue streams.

  • I direct the product identification, composition, market feasibility studies, and merge those into a product strategy that optimizes market breadth and value proposition to the end user.

  • I have a passion for design and building simple and intuitive user experiences.

  • I possess extensive management experience in product development timelines and work streams.

  • I evolve the product strategy into innovative software products and platforms.

  • I make data driven decisions.  

  • I lead and manage the product and development teams to get the details right, while staying focused on the big picture and vision of the company.

  • I manage resources and budgets across the organization to maximize the performance and efficiency of the companies operations.

  • I optimize products with a build, measure, and learn philosophy.

  • I create and nourish an environment that drives productivity and product group collaboration by appreciating individual personalities, and leveraging strengths and weaknesses within the product development team. 

  • I am committed to operational excellence and consider myself a strong motivator and team builder. 

I believe that as a leader, you should inspire your team through your words, actions, and frequent, small victories. As a leader, if you focus your team on clear, prioritized goals and define the product strategy, communication, roadmap, plans, and priorities across the organization effectively, you will be infinitely successful.
— Eric Helsel, Vice President Product Development